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The Quality system for this project will be in accordance with “Company QA Manual” and with ISO 9001:2008 series that applicable for Engineering Design, Procurement and Installation services.

The quality objective of GPL is to minimize the number of defects detected on the M&E installation during the stage of execution of the period.

Contract review will be performed at two stages i.e... during the proposal (Tender) stage and at the time of award
When the tender is successful and contract award, a detail review will be undertaken to ensure differences between bid and actual contract requirements are promptly at this stage to the contract will be recorded, approved and transmitted to parties concerned.

To facilitate a coordinated approach for Engineering design a Design Basic Procedure will be developed. This procedure will gather all main project technical information such as site condition, utilities condition standard that will be applied for performance and functional requirement.

GPL will ensure that all essential documentation affecting quality is reviewed for adequacy and approved by authority’s body before release. Such documentation includes as a minimum:
   a) Statutory and regulatory approval
   b) Quality system procedure
   c) Design document.
   d) Procedure document
   e) Project related document
   f) Inspection and test report
   g) Manufacture’s document

A numbering procedure will be developed that will specify the numbering of each document.

For handling of confidential information the Security procedure will be developed.

As a minimum the following system will be organized to supplement document control activities.
   a) Document Distribution schedule
   b) Filling schedule
   c) Drawing schedule

An approval procedure will be formalized to establish a standard approach for

Document approved from Owner.

GPL will mainly perform procurement activities in head office in Ho chi Minh city.
However, consumer material as well as sub-material will be considered to purchase locally

8.1 Project planning and preparation:
The procedure is establishing to ensure that all project requirement and specification are proper prior to execution

Generally, activities involve will be included as follows
    a) Receiving the site and report it condition 
    b) Setting up the communication networks
    c) Setting the site office
    d) Prepare site organization structure and mobilization power to site
   e) Detail project schedule in coordination with Master schedule from main contractor. The schedule shall include but not limit to :
       • Design drawing submission schedule
       • Shop drawing submission schedule
       • Material and catalogue procurement schedule
       • Execution schedule
       • T&C schedule
   f) Preparing the:
       • Material and equipment purchase list
       • Drawing list and drawing status report
       • Material catalogue and sample submission schedule and status report

Responsibilities delegation
- A brief on project condition and information will be set up to all parties involve and assignment will be delegated to responsible departments.

Quantity survey
- The actual quantity need for the project will be confirmed prior to purchasing. 
- The QS (tender) and PIC will verify the actual quantities of materials required stated in the Tender Worksheet against the contract drawing and actual condition on site.
- Tender Director will also review the technical specification and requirements of the project. A comparison is made between the tendering specification and the supplier’s quotations. 
- PIC will consolidate all the data gather from the Tender director quantity review, technical specification and requirement review into the Material/ equipment purchase list.

Budget and cost control
- The project budget will be prepared by Tender Director, approved by M&E Director and issued to all parties.
- The Project Manager (PIC) will be responsible for controlling the project cost within set budget.
- A project cash flow also be established and monitored.

Shop drawing control
- The Project Manager (PIC) will organize the contract drawing, the title block and pass to drafter.
- The Drafter will prepare the Drawing status report which comprise the shop drawing description, drawing number and hand over to PIC. Using the detail schedule, the PIC then will fill in the target date of submission.

The PIC will use the Drawing Status report to monitor the progress of the shop drawing preparation to ensure that the target submission dates are met. When the target date of completion can not be met, PIC will inform drafter of the revised date for the drafter to update it into the Drawing Status Report, PIC will sign against the revised date.

From the contract drawing and title block given by PIC, the Drafter section will proceed to prepare the required shop drawing.

Upon completion, the PIC will check and verify all the shop drawing against the contract drawing and acknowledge on the shop drawing.

The PIC will submit the shop drawing for approval by the Consultant.

All shop drawing will be approved by the Consultant if time and site situation
- Permit before they are valid for construction of work. If the shop drawing is not approved by the Consultant on time, the PIC will not proceed with the work unless the work involved is minor which will not affect the main structure work. Some example of minor work include empty conduit conceal into the structure such as switch socket out let, penetration through RC wall or slab.

   • Only approved shop drawing with the stamp of for construction can be used on site.

   • The original approved shop drawing will be kept in drawing will be kept in drawing rack, the drawing number, drawing title, approved date, and revision number will also be up dated in the drawing Index form.

Procurement and Catalogue and sample submission
- The Purchasing officer (PUO) will refer to the material and equipment purchases check list for sourcing and requisition. Supporting document, such as supplier quotation, technical specification, will be given to assist the purchaser to source and negotiate the term and specification required.
- All pricing decisions have to be approved by the M&E Director before confirming the purchase.
- In addition, the PUO will generate the Material delivery check list to facilitate the PIC to monitor the delivery schedule.
- Upon customer request, the PIC will request for test report certificate of conformance, drawing, etc from the supplier before the delivery of materials or before the purchase is done.
- Catalogue and sample may require to be submitting for approval by the Consultant or Owner prior to purchase or delivery. PIC will general the list of Material and Catalogue for approval which comprise the description of catalogue or sample, target submission date, date to be approved and return and pass to POU for execution.
- The submission process will continue until the Materials submitted are approved and PIC will up date the status of approval on the “Material and catalogue for approval” check list and pass to PUO to precede the order.

Project execution
- When the project preparation stage is complete it is ready for execution phase

8.2 Project execution
Shop drawing
- In the progress of project execution, amendment to the drawing is not uncommon. If there are changes to the design, the Consultant/ Owner will raise a site Instruction (SI) with part drawing to GPL or through verbal communications. If no formal instruction is given, PIC will send the letter to Consultant/ Owner to confirm the change. 
- PIC will instruct the Drafter to amend the drawing according to Consultant’s/ Owner’s SI or Gal’s confirmation letter

Administration Process
 - Weekly Performance Indicator
       • The progress of the project will be monitored by Weekly Performance Report ( WPR)
       • The PM will chair the project meeting weekly with Project engineer, PIC, and supervisor. Problems faced in the project execution stage will be discussed. Beside the project progress, project administration status, materials, approval status, material delivery status will be also updated and commend. The meeting will be minted by the PIC and reported to Execution Director.

- Site coordinating Meeting
       • The Site coordinating meeting will be conducted by the Project Consultant, the Main contractor or the Client on weekly or bi-weekly basis. 
       • The detail of the meeting will be documented in the Minute of meeting.

- Site Diary 
       • Number of worker, weather and daily events will be filled in Site Diary 
Report form by the PIC. The original copy will be filled.

Material received
- After the materials have been purchased, the PIC is responsible to the schedule the delivery. The PIC will also control the quantity use and manage the balance to ensure the materials utilization is within budget.
- Upon delivery, the supplier DO (Delivery Order) will be handed to the Store keeper (SK) for endorsement. The SK will:
       • Inspect the physical condition of the good delivery.
       • Verify the quantity, delivery date, the model on the supplier DO against the purchase order (DO)

If due to urgency the goods are not fully inspected the Urgent Receipt form shall be filled by SK. The Urgent Receipt form shall be return to PUO.

- Equipment:
       • The PIC will arrange to install the equipment as required in the contract.
       • Once the equipment is installed, PIC will arrange to carry out the relevant test on equipment together with the supplier. The test will be witnessed by the Consultant / or Owner’s Representative and the PIC. Defect(s) detected during the test will be rectified by the supplier. Before the defects are rectified, the defective equipment will be labeled “Faulty” if the defects can not be cleaned on the same date and the label will be removed once 
       • The defects are rectified.
       • The test report will be submitted by PIC to the Project Consultant/ Owner

- Accessories Installation:
       • The PIC will arrange to install the electrical accessories by referring to the approved shop drawing and schedule.
       • PIC together with Project supervisors will conduct the installation test, leakage test, pressure test. The test will be witnessed by the Project Consultant or Owner.
       • If the test result does not meet the specification, the PIC will instruct supervisor together with our workers to rectify the fault and the test will be conducted again.
       • Any accessories that found defective during the course of testing will be labeled “Faulty” and the PIC will arrange to replace.

- Turn on:
Once turn on power, water or other incoming, the PIC will write to the Consultant or Owner to register the turn on date.

- Handing over:
The project execution stage is completed and ready to hand over the project.

8.3 Project Handing over
- The purpose of this procurement is established to ensure that all project requirement and specification are properly handed over to customer upon completion.
- PIC will arrange a joint inspection date will the Customer, Consultant on the equipment for handing over. Handing over joint Inspection shall be used to record number of defects detected.

The defect will be used to monitor GPL’s “QUANLITY OBJECTIVE”
- Drawing:
       • As built drawing are prepared after completion of the project, these drawings will be kept by the Owner.
       • PIC will provided the actual installation information on site to the Drafter to prepare the as built drawing. If there are no changes, the Drafter will use existing approved shop drawing instead.
       • Upon completion, the PIC will check and verify all as built drawings against shop drawings, and acknowledge on the as built drawing. Any discrepancy will be resolved between PIC and Drafter until as built drawing are for submission.
       • PIC will submit required copies of as built to the Consultant or Owner.

- Operation & Maintenance Manual:
       • PIC will have to come out the Operation and Maintenance Manual be referring to the as built drawing and complying the products operating and Maintenance manuals form the product suppliers.
       • The Operation and Maintenance Manual will then be submitted to the Consultant and Owner for comments and approval.

- Test report:
       • All test report for equipments, and accessories will be complied by the PIC and submitted to the Project Consultant or Owner.

- Tool
       • Tools that are specified in the Contract (if any) will be handed over to Project Consult or Owner.

- Project completion:
       • After the handing over process, a debrief section will be conducted by the M&E Director. The whole project is then completed.
       • However, a Defect Liability Period (DLP) of 12 month will be given to the customer and GPL will respond to the customer. When defects arise.

8.4 Defect liability Period (DLP)
- Implement Administration
Customer satisfaction is a key to our success. Not only we aim to achieve customer satisfaction by delivering of a quality project performance under-construction period, but also we concentrate in service & maintenance duty in the project warranty project.

- Organization set up: Of course, we have already owned a Service & Maintenance Department into our company structure. Unless otherwise, at the pre-commissioning stage, we will separately set up the specific group which is relevant to the service & maintenance duty during the warranty period of project. This group shall be directly managed by our Technical Director. Permanently on site from this stage, we will have one Service & Maintenance officer. By this way, he gets full project technical information and is easily handled the service & maintenance duty after the completion of project.

- Responsibility of Permanent Service & Maintenance Officer.
       • Technical Director (TD): The Technical Director shall be the company representative for controlling the commitment of Customer satisfaction. Co-ordination with Project Director, he is responsible for the whole project technical matters manage and handle all matters arisen and in related to the project during warranty period. The TD reports to our Executive Director.
       • Permanent Service & Maintenance Officer : He shall report to Technical Director and  be responsible for the whole Service & Maintenance duty of project, such as :
             . Co-ordination with Site manager for preparation of testing and commissioning (T &C) procedure.
             . Leading the T&C group.
             . Co-ordination with Site manager & Senior supervisors for preparation of Close-out document.
             . Prepare detailed periodic service & maintenance program and manage to carry-out.
             . Getting the in-coming problem information from Client and manage to carry-out.

- PIC will ensure that the measuring equipment for examination, test and inspection are properly controlled, calibrated and maintenance.
- All information about the inspection equipment including the periodic    calibration for accuracy and any adjustment shall be documented.
All associated recorded of calibration and certification shall be maintained at all time throughout the project.

- At the design stage:
This element is applicable to all deliverables as agreed contractually, which may included drawings design reports calculation, computer analysis reports technical specification, date file…etc. Non-conformities on these deliverables are identified as explained in the procedure 5.5.

- At procurement phase
This element is applicable to any material s or equipment together with the related documentation procured from the selected vendor/ supplier with the contractual requirement and scope of the purchase order. Non- conformance reports are issued when deficiency and defects are noted.

- At installation phase
It applies to any materials, document and workman ship, monitored or reviewed by PIC and supervisor who conduct the supervision on site.

Procurement are established and maintained for implementing corrective and preventive actions with regards to any type of non-conformance of product or services.

All quality record will have to be legible and identifiable 
The quality records will be systematically filled in the project file and generally kept in time sequence so that data can be easily retrieved and deterioration minimized.

The procedure is established to maintain policies procedure for identifying the training needs of GPL’s staff and provide the training of all personal who work affect quality.